Abdoer Twist Pro - Abdominal Exercise Equipment

Get strong, flat, six pack abs with Ab Doer Extreme workout machine and torso track. Burn the fat with a complete ab workout. Get the complete waistline trimming system and work those ab muscles at Abdoer.com. Works better than the ab lounge or ab roller.


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Turn and crunch your way to fitness with the Abdoer Twist. Work your abs and obliques with an unique resistance training workout that will having you feeling the burn as you shape and tone your abdominal section.

With a short workout using the Abdoer Twist, you will quickly strengthen and shape your abs as you burn the fat from your waistline. Endorsed by many workout professionals and fitness experts this abdominal workout machine supports your back and is free from back pain or strain.

Use the Abdoer fitness equipment to isolate your ab muscles and get an unique workout for your upper and lower abs. Get the muscle definition and cuts that you are striving for.

Experience the excellence of multiple resistance workouts with the swivel action seat and the DVD routines from John Abdo. See why fitness experts rave about the results and why everyone from beginners to athletes love using the Abdoer.


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